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Brad Kun Portrait Artist

Artist Bio

Brad Kun - Portrait Artist

Starting my artistic journey in 1981, I attended the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, Alberta, Canada majoring in Visual Communications. Upon graduating in 1985 I worked as a graphic designer/illustrator before following my dream of teaching Visual Communications in a high school setting. This in turn led me to obtain a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta. Shortly afterward, I began teaching high school Visual Communications, Fine Art and Social Studies in Red Deer, Alberta. I held this position from 1988 until I retired from teaching in 2019. During my teaching career, I continued to create art and design work for a number of clients as a freelance artist. 

Drawing portraits was my first artistic love. Capturing expressions and interpreting facial textures and features continues to fascinate me. I've always felt that the most powerful part of drawing facial features centers around defining the eyes - they truly are the window to the soul! I love the richness of working in black and white; it creates a certain visual impact that cannot be replicated in colour. 

I hope you enjoy the selected works I have featured here. Some of these works are available for sale. I am also open to commission work. Please view the commission page for details on custom portraits and pricing. Thanks for viewing my website! 

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